Big Kids Night Out

May 27, 2012

Some genius at Scienceworks had an amazing idea to have an 18+ night of fun, so of course being the big kids we are, we went along. As soon any anyone stepped foot inside Scienceworks they were instantly turned into an 8 year old again, whether they were actually 18 or 50. Sugar high on our side and with our limited attention spans, we scurried around Scienceworks pressing every button we found and playing with anything that didn't require too much effort.
One of my favourite thing visually was playing with light (photos below) because you could make all kinds of cool patterns with a couple of clear plastic blocks.

Our tickets covered a viewing at the Planetarium which we all decided we should've been drunk for (fairly sure someone was high). It was pretty. The lady needed to stop talking a bit, we didn't really care about what she was saying, we just wanted to look at the pretty lights.

We then saw a show at the Lightning Room with lots of chemicals and fire making pretty colours. The MC/experimenter guy kept telling us to act like we were 8, we didn't have to act. We also saw some lightning (hence the name) as it struck various modes of transport and a mannequin who looked like 10 year old David Bowie.

Scienceworks are currently hosting a Wallace & Gromit exhibition, which was mainly about inventions. I tantrumed because they didn't have the pants (anyone who's seen Wallace & Gromit will know what I'm talking about). In my opinion (and many other people's) they didn't have enough Wallace & Gromit and there was too much other random crap.

We definitely learnt our lesson that if Scienceworks ever have something like this again, we need to turn up drunk (and bring more alcohol).

Another thing to note is on June the 6th, you will be able to see Venus as a little black dot on the sun. So go ahead, stare at the sun.

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