Florence And The Machine: Part 1

May 20, 2012

So I just got home from the Channel 7 studios where I was lucky enough to see the live performance of Florence and the Machine for tonights episode of Dancing With The Stars Australia. As per usual, she was flawless and looked amazing. Poor thing walked into a nail last night and had her foot heavily bandaged up. Get well soon Florence!
I'm looking forward to seeing how the editors put together the footage with the live footage of Dancing With The Stars and how the audience will drastically change from mostly over 40s to under 30s indie kids haha.

Here's a sneak peak preview of tonight's performance thanks to Daniel MacPherson's Instagram photo (host of Dancing With The Stars Australia and all round mega babe). Seeing Florence again tonight at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne where I'll take lots of photos! Look out for part 2!

UPDATE: here's the video

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