In Search Of Free Wine

May 25, 2012

I was sent an email from Melbourne Central shopping centre which contained a few of my favourite words. These being 'shopping' 'festival' 'discounts' 'free' 'wine' and 'cupcakes.' I thought all my Christmas' had come at once! So of course I had to venture into Melbourne Central (with two of my trusty sidekicks) to see what it was all about.
We found ourselves in Glue Store pretty quickly once we released they had free fairy floss and stuffed our gobs with the sugary pink magic.

After having a look around we settled down to rest our feet and got guilt tripped (by our own minds and out of politeness) into watching a styling session. It was quite interesting and there were some lovely pieces but the stylist really had a thing for black and I'm a strong believer in the more colour the better. When this was finished we braved the shops again and got some great bargains in shops like GAP, Cotton On and Colette. But really, our main aim of the night was to track down this so-called free wine.

Did we find some I hear you ask?

...of course we did!

                                                                wine                                                  wine
                                                               wine                                                   wine

We had a good night (shopping + free wine = always a good night) although they were lying about the cupcakes (#shattered). Can't wait for another night like this when I actually have money to spend!

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