Gok Style Tour

May 23, 2012

So today in a rush of red traffic lights and incredibly slow drivers, my friend and I headed to Westfield Southland to see Gok Wan's Style Tour. It all started off with some shameless self promotion on Westfield's behalf which we quickly tuned out of, but the atmosphere certainly changed when Gok came on stage.
If you've ever watched How To Look Good Naked or any other of Gok's TV shows, you will be well aware that he has this magical way of making any woman feel completely comfortable with themselves and he can get them to do just about anything (mind control? I think so). So between flirting with the "sliver fox" in the audience and making out with random women asking questions (yes, that happened. No, I don't have photos) he chose four lucky women from the audience to receive makeovers.

He started off with these effortlessly simple and beautiful silhouette drawings of each person and then drew what he thought would suit their bodies the best. This was my favourite one, mainly because half my wardrobe looks like this.

He also gave some great style advice such as trust your instincts and don't let people tell you what to do. Which, really, should be considered just general life advice.

As the whirlwind charismatic tornado that is Gok came to an end, the four women who had makeovers were revealed. Two looking amazing, and the other two, well, still an improvement on what they were wearing. He also said that he was working with Westfield to bring his clothing line to Australia so fingers crossed for that one.

Overall I really enjoyed this although the microphones needed to be louder (Westfield, I'm looking at you). Oh and did I mention he moter-boated a woman's bangers (as he would say) which I also didn't get photos of. I am truly sorry for that.

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