Blast From The Past | St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2011

June 5, 2012

So because it's Winter in Australia and nothing much happens in Winter, I thought I'd put up some blast from the past blogs about previous events I've been to before I started blogging to fill in some time. I don't hide that St Jerome's Laneway Festival is easily my favourite music festival in Australia and even though I've only been once, I now plan to go every year (providing I can drag some people along with me). St Jeromes Laneway Festival is run by my dream job company Lunatic Entertainment who also represent Gotye and The Temper Trap.

Laneway 2011 really sparked my love of the british indie band Foals, which now, when I listen to their music, give me physical withdrawal symptoms from not seeing them live for over a year.

Looking through my photos reminded me of the little stalker-spree I went on whilst at the festival. I kept seeing people with incredibly stylish clothing so, when they weren't looking, I'd take a photo of them. If you were looking through my photos, you would think I was a pervy creep (okay maybe I am a little bit) but I really just wanted to steal their clothes for myself.

I really love St Jerome's Laneway Festival because it's so chilled. You don't have crazy maniac guys crushing you in a mosh pit or slutty 15 year old girls taking drugs. We also got free fairy floss which will win me over everytime. Some other bands I saw that day included Two Door Cinema Club, Local Natives, Stornoway and Gotye who's pictured below. That was the first time I'd seen Gotye and I swore that it would not be the last.

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to the 2012 festival because I was poor but look out 2013. Hope you enjoyed my blast from the past (procrastination from assignments more like it).

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