Vintage Clearance Sale

June 16, 2012

In our search for cheap clothing we managed to come across this amazing place in Melbourne called the Abbotford Convent. It felt like we were walking through the grounds of a classy English property with beautiful gardens and architecture. We were there to go to The Vintage Clearance Centre super sale. I unfortunately didn't have any money because I'm a poor unemployed student but my friends did and together bought almost $100 worth of stuff.

I was extremely surprised by how big the place was and how much stuff there was. Also, it was amazingly cheap. Sequinned tops were $10, 2 pairs of shoes for $5 and fur coats for $40 just to name some prices.

Most of the sequinned dresses had amazing detailing and would probably sell on ebay or etsy for like $50 but the cut of the dresses let them down. There were also a lot of mashmellow '80s dresses which would've looked amazing for a costume party.

We managed to find a fur coat that was almost bigger than my friend and made her look like a pimp.

And just incase we got so wrapped up in the beautiful grounds and buildings and forgot that we were in fact in Australia, they had friendly reminders for us.

Next time there is one of these sales I'm going to bring as much money as I can and go crazy. There were so many pretty things.

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