Blast From The Past | Big Day Out 2010

July 16, 2012

So the Big Day Out 2013 line-up is out and I thought I'd take this chance to write about my first major music festival experience, Big Day Out 2010. What a day. Big Day Out 2010 was the first time I'd ever seen my favourite band Kasabian as well (I've seen the 3 more times since). They were pretty much the whole reason why I agreed to go. The total attendance of all the Big Day Out festivals in 2010 was 337,248 people, which is massive.

Being sneaky side stage for Kasabian was none other than Lily Allen, who I really disliked at the time but it's nice that she was supporting a fellow Brit. Unfortunately she isn't quite looking her best in this photo and she doesn't look very entertained. Despite what her facial expression shows, Kasabian were, and still are, amazing.

I believe this was the Boiler Room, a stage on which Calvin Harris, among others, played. The back wall was covered with giant silver sequins and it was completely mesmerising. 

I haven't been back to the Big Day Out since 2010 but who knows what the future will bring, hopefully I'll be back soon.


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