Blast From The Past | Pyramid Rock Festival 2010

July 11, 2012

Going to Pyramid Rock in 2010 was the first time I'd ever been to a multi-day festival. Of course I was super excited for the music, however I'm not much of a camping person and I do like my cleanliness. So armed with dry shampoo, wet wipes and a lot of sunscreen, we headed down to Phillip Island.
Unlike the previous year where there had been storms so severe that the festival had to be shut down, the weather for us was beyond perfect. It was sunny and perfect tanning weather so each day we picked a spot on the grass and sat there for the whole day, occasionally getting up to dance (covered in sunscreen of course).

Took me about 15mins to work out why this photo was all smeary, then I realise I had sunscreen on the lens.

The line-up was overall amazing and I got to see at least 15 bands. Some of the favs were The Temper Trap, Mystery Jets, Basement Birds, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Jebediah and Miami Horror. We also spent a good portion of the festival eating and because there was so much tasty tasty food, we were eating 5 meals a day just to try it all. We also made friends with the people at the corn on a cob stall who gave us 2 for 1 every time we came back.

I'd would also really like to acknowledge the groups of people who matched and coordinated costumes for the duration of the festival, like the girls wearing cat suits or the guys wearing tutus with nothing underneath (a tad on the disturbing side but still funny).

I had a great time, but I think if I ever did it again, I'd want a camper van or something.

All the photos I took were on apps on my iPod Touch.


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