Finding Gems

July 27, 2012

As promised in my Hidden Gems and Rough Diamonds post, I had a bit more of a search in the city to find some more Look.Stop.Shop installations that I couldn't find last time. These beautiful little watercolour (I think) artworks were in the window of a shop called Design A Space down a tiny little laneway called Manchester Lane. The artist is Emma Leonard. 

Glass and reflections are definitely my enemy right now because it made it so difficult to take any decent photos of the window displays down in the Campbell Arcade. They featured these hanging black bunnies adorned with crystals. 

Two other places I found down laneways I had no idea existed were Pieces of Eight and Lucy Folk.

My list of places to visit/spend my money at keeps getting longer and longer but I love buying and supporting Australian designers because they are so talented and truly deserve it.


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