Hamer Hall Opening

July 26, 2012

For the past 2 years there's been construction and renovations on Hamer Hall in Melbourne and it's finally time for the great unveiling. I went along today because there was meant to be a backstage tour at 11am, however when I got there I was told that it was a misprint and the tour was for the Arts Centre which is next door. Kinda disappointed about that because I performed at Hamer Hall in high school and was really looking forward to seeing what it looks like now.

I did however find a small exhibition in the downstairs foyer of the Arts Centre displaying Kylie Minogue and Dame Edna Everage costumes from their various shows and tours. They were all incredibly shiny and crazy and I image playing dress-ups in their wardrobes would be amazing fun.

Over the next couple of days, there will be a lot of free entertainment and tours going on at Hamer Hall and the Arts Centre to mark the reopening of Hamer Hall. I unfortunately can't make it because I'm doing a short course the next couple of days which is why I was so angry that I couldn't see Hamer Hall today. 

Check the Hamer Hall Opening website for everything that's going on in the next couple of days as well as the next couple of months. Plenty of shows to go see and warm up your winter. Oh, I also found a bigger exhibition for Time In Motion celebrating 50 years of the Australian Ballet which was amazing but I wasn't allowed to take photos (boo), but definitely go check it out! If you missed my Time In Motion post, you can read it here.

Hamer Hall Opening
Hamer Hall and The Arts Centre
St Kilda Street, Melbourne
26th - 29th of July
Some free, some ticketed


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