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July 31, 2012

Event Gallery recently held a Runway Production School in Melbourne and when I heard about it I couldn't go past the opportunity to learn from the who's who in Australian fashion (and the world for that matter). Hosted by the highly articulate Daniel Pizzato who brought a wealth of knowledge from runway shows in Australia and the world. Major focuses of this course were production, styling, collections, PR, hair & make-up, model casting and backstage management.
We were also graced by the presence of Alex & Georgia Cleary (Alpha60), Ryan Foote (Production & Creative Director, Events Gallery), Brooke Shell (Senior Account Director, AMPR), Graeme Lewsey (CEO, LMFF), Hayley Berryman (Marketing & Communications Executive, LMFF) and many more amazingly talented individuals. I mention these ones in particular because of my interest in events and marketing.

So I thought I'd share some of what I learnt with you (but not too much because you need to go do the course yourself!). Everyone was really insistent that volunteering is the best way to get yourself noticed, which I completely agree with, and you should strive to make your own opportunities. The importance of good budget management and briefings were also stressed, but after doing an events management course, that's kind of a given.

We were told (as a generalisation) that two qualities that seem to be lacking from Gen Y is a willingness to work hard and effective communication, so I'm going to pay particular attention to make sure I'm not part of this generalisation A quote that was said that I really like, not just for fashion but for everything, is "knowledge equals power."

Runway shows are like a swan gliding on water, on the top, you see the glamour, beauty and grace, but under the water, it's stubby little legs are paddling at a million miles an hour. When you've experienced the backstage chaos of a runway show, you truly understand exactly how perfect this is, however, backstage is where the fashion magic happens.

State of the art garment construction machinery.

I found some awesome street art on my lunch breaks so I thought I'd add it in for your viewing pleasures.

If you want more information about Event Gallery or Runway Production School, they both have websites as well as Facebook and Twitter. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to be involved in fashion in any way because it shows you the ins and outs of everyone's jobs. 

(p.s. sorry this was so wordy)

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