Blast From The Past | Florence And The Machine 2010

August 15, 2012

So I bet you thought I couldn't possibly do another post on Florence and the Machine, well, you were wrong. This one is about the first time I ever saw her. There's not much I can say here that I haven't already said in my previous posts about her. I think her confidence from this to now has really sky rocketed with her international success and the fact that this tour was at Festival Hall, whereas her latest tour was at Rod Laver Arena.

The back-up band for Florence on this occasion was British band The Drums who I'd never really heard of before I saw they were backing her up but really enjoy them now. The lead singer does the most hilarious awkward looking dance moves and the other band members dance along with him. They were also really good live and I'd like to see them again now that I know more of their music.

Unfortunately my camera was being temperamental that night and so the photos aren't the best but this was by far my favourite backdrop. It was for Cosmic Love and the whole backing board was covered in lights and it was incredibly breathtaking.

I think if you take away anything from me doing another Florence and the Machine blog, it's that she is phenomenal and well worth seeing if you get the chance.

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