Hike To The Toff

August 3, 2012

Cold Hiker are a local alternative/rock Melbourne band who have just launched their EP at The Toff In Town. I feel kind of weird writing this post because it's one of those situations where I know them, but I don't know them, you know? But I am a big fan of their music so I thought I'd share them with you.
I first got into them because the drummer is the boyfriend of my best friend, but I continue to support them because they are genuinely talented. They remind me somewhat of Tame Impala in the way that they don't follow music trends and like to do their own thing, but it's not to the point where it's ridiculous or unmarketable. I mean Tame Impala are the favourite Australian band of big name artists such as Mark Ronson, so I'm thinking it works.

In their adventures, they have supported bands such as British India, Stonefield and Custom Kings, and hopefully in the next year or two we start seeing them on the festival circuit.

If you like to support talented local bands and like alternative/rock (I mean come on, who doesn't), you need to go to their next show. When that is, I don't know, because it all depends when you read this, but check out their various social media stalking platforms to get up to date on tours.

Facebook | Twitter

If you like what you see/read, you can head on over to their Triple J Unearthed page or their Bandcamp page to check out their tunes and buy their EP. I predict only good things for Cold Hiker and I'll probably see them again soon (and I'm sure you'll want to be there too).

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  1. Ah this is just the sort of blog I need as I'm moving to Melbourne in a couple of months!