Kawaii Daiso

August 4, 2012

Why did no one tell me that a Daiso had opened in the Melbourne CBD?! I knew there were 2 in other miscellaneous suburbs of Melbourne but I found out last night that one has recently opened on Swanston Street. Along with my obsession with all things British, I also have an obsession with Japanese culture after learning Japanese for 10 years and going on exchange there when I was 15. 

For those of you that don’t know, Daiso is a Japanese chain store where everything is $2.80. It’s kind of like a $2 shop but they actually stick to their word. 

It has everything from beauty products to household products and stationary and everything is incredibly cutesy. Most of the packaging has some sort of face on it too.

I bought some adorable dog stickers and some lace sticky tap, so if you want some cheap random stuff, go have a look. 

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  1. I only discovered that this week too after seeing the sign walking home from the gym. I might pop in tomorrow

    1. the 100 Yen stores were pretty much my favourite place to shop in Japan because they were so cute and so cheap! definitely going to shop at this place more often. there's a smaller one round the corner on bourke street.