Mali In The City

August 13, 2012

If you're heading into the city in the next couple of weeks (which I'm assuming most of you are), you may notice the abundance of elephants hidden around the city. This is in celebration of the Melbourne Zoo's 150th Birthday. I've already expressed my love for my favourite animal counterpart, Mali the elephant, and now you can find 50 of her in and around the city in the Mali In The City display. 

I had a wander around to see which ones I could find (with the aid of the official map) but basically stuck to Swanston Street and its surrounds. It would take me all day to find them all.

This amazing mosaic Mali is my favourite one and can be found outside the Melbourne Town Hall.

Unfortunately my camera didn't do this one justice, but it's completely covered in gold glitter which was amazing!

I'm not really sure what culture this is meant to represent but it kind of looks like Sailor Moon to me.

Let me know if you find anymore because I would love to see them all!

Mali In The City
Melbourne CBD
10 August - 21 September

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  1. This is so cool! I love elephants, so I'd be running around trying to find them all too.