Melbourne Uni Madness

August 11, 2012

There's nothing more hilarious than watching your friends making fun of everything and anything on stage in front of hundreds of people. The Melbourne Uni Law Review 2012 was one crazy funny night at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne.
So the evening started off like this... already I think you can see why I thought it was so funny. The whole night also consisted of a fair amount of stripper pants action and after seeing Magic Mike earlier that day, I was pretty good at spotting who was about to rip their pants off.

Possibly my favourite act of the night was the One Direction imitation performed by the boys in the cast who rewrote the lyrics in a very obviously sexual way.

I made a friend during intermission, he was the Grand Duke of Lithuania. I didn't quite catch his name though. It was a bit hard to pronounce.

And in true uni student class act style, we bought the cheapest alcohol on offer. It wasn't very good.

This was by far my favourite outfit of the night. He started the acts kneeling so you didn't get the full effect of it until he stool up.

I had a great night and laughed my head off. And yes, that is a man wearing those blue sequin hot pants.

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