MSFW | Student Exhibition

August 27, 2012

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is fast approaching again and returning with it is the Student Exhibition at 1000 £ Bend. This year features incredible use of textures and abstract fabrics as well as light and projection. 
Kirby Hanrahan | Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion Technology)

Nick Brown | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)

There are so many free events during the MSFW that it would be just plain lazy of you not to check something out. This is a great one because you can get a drink in a cute little jam jar glass and a bite to eat at 1000 £ Bend whilst you're visiting. 

Kirby Hanrahan | Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion Technology)
Audrey Thomas-Hayes | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
Marcia Miller | The Gordon | Fashion Design
Marcia Miller | The Gordon | Fashion Design
Amanda Lee | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
Amanda Lee | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
Teegan Meade | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
Cesar Chehade | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)

Danielle Vidoni | RMIT | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)

This is what 1000 £ Bend looks like from the front in case you get lost. I know I didn't know it was there for ages!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week starts next week but the Student Exhibition is already up and will be running until the end of MSFW on the 9th of September. Check out the MSFW website for the full program. 

Various locations in the Melbourne CBD
Ticketed and Free
02 - 09 September

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  1. Great post, it's really got me excited for Fashion Week! It totally crept up on me somehow, but luckily remembered today and my fashion designer friend is snagging us some tickets at some runway shows next week! Always a great buzz around Melbourne during fashion week, really looking forward to it! Already spied some hidden gown exhibitions on Collins St near the Lindt Cafe! xx

    1. oo thats awesome. i managed to get some tickets for free last year but i dont think ill be as lucky this year.

  2. This looks absolutely AMAZING! so much sassy-ness! haha! I love all the color!

    I just looked at your blog! New follower here! :D


  3. That dress is so pretty!! Love the pics, and nice blog babe! Bachelor in Fashion Design