August 22, 2012

Today at Federation Square, there was a welcome home for the Australian Olympic Team. I didn't follow the Olympics all that closely but like everyone else, I had my opinions. I went along to this mainly because I wanted to get Anna Meares' autograph on a cycling magazine of my Dad's because he's a bit of a cycling fanatic. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get her signature and I couldn't be bothered to stay any longer than I did because of the sea of bogans, children and pushy mums with prams.

I did, however get to see Anna Meares (in the photo above) and a couple of the other Olympians.

This man here is Dale Stevenson and he is a shot putter. I may or may not have had to google that. He was talking to the person in front of me about the media and he said he didn't pay much attention to the media and he believes that getting to the Olympics is an amazing achievement and if everyone viewed not winning gold as a failure, there'd be a lot more unhappy people than happy people. I completely agree with this. I'd like to see the media compete at the Olympics.

They also had one of the Olympic torches on display which was cool to see. Although it's not as cool looking as the Sydney torches.

Have to be completely honest, I have no idea who the other people are. There were a lot of very good looking Olympians there and it made me think that maybe I should've watch it a bit more.

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  1. Wow how cool that you got to be there and see all those Olympians! Love finding another Melbourne blogger! :D Now following you! x

    Just started my own blog recently-

  2. yeah it was cool. I think last time I did anything like that was the Sydney Olympics and I was about 8 haha.