MSFW12 Day 2 | Wittner

September 4, 2012

Day 2 of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week exploded into action with the theatrical runway display from Wittner. With several dancers captivating the audience and many props featured throughout the show, the audience was certainly entertained. I walked away thinking "wow, that was weird." But definitely in a good way!

This season they have five looks.

#1 Neon Life
Wittner had dancers tightrope walking to Janelle Monae with parasols and platform neon pink heels.

#2 Athletic Attitude

#3 Pastal Dreams

Pastel Dreams was my favourite mainly because I wanted the clothes. Not sure where they're from. Need to find out though!

#4 Punk Odyssey 

#5 Centenary Collection

This year Wittner is celebrating 100 years of their fabulous shoes and if this runway show was anything to go by, the celebrations are going to be massive. The only criticism I had of this runway show was that they opened the show with a cover of Marina and the Diamonds "Primadonna" and because I'm such a massive MATD fan, it was a fairly cringe-worthy to listen to. Although on the plus side, it's great that she's finally getting noticed in Australia.

We also got cute little Wittner goodie bags, and I love free! Tomorrow's show is Review, so come down and join in on the action!

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