MSFW12 Day 5 | French Connection

September 7, 2012

It was French Connection's turn to take to the runway today on the 5th day of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Their spring/summer collections focused heavily on primary colours red, yellow and blue, with variations of each. There was also a strong sorbet pastel influence, and some key metallic and sequinned pieces. 

They also had these big wide brimmed sun hats perfect for keeping those pesky UV rays off your face this summer.

I really loved this dress because it was a bit of a combination of silver, nude and peach shimmer and it had gorgeous detailing across the neckline.

This was by far my favourite dress with rows of shimmery sequins on baby pink.

When this male model walked down the runway, the girl standing behind me said, and I quote, "that man looks a lot like a banana." I was giggling for ages after that.

I chose to put the back shot of this outfit in because I love how the top bunches at the back when belted. It's so flattering and feminine.

A vibrant and summery show from City Square. Tomorrow's show is Target (or Tarjey as I like to call it) which could be very hit, or very miss. We'll just have to wait a see. 

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  1. I'm really digging the outfit with the yellow pants. I love everything about it! But I love how bold the colors are of the whole colletion! Awesome photos! I always have a hard time with people who are moving!


    1. Yeah I love that outfit too! I went into French Connection tonight at Chaddy and found the top. It wasn't too expensive but I think I'm still going to have a save a bit haha. I had a girl next to me who didn't realise anyone else was around her and kept pushing in front of me too, even though there was a rope in front of me. Some people are so discourteous.