MSFW12 Day 6 | Target

September 8, 2012

Today's Target runway show was very, well, Target, and I wasn't really expecting anything else. There were a few good pieces like this floral number and brightly coloured jeans, but overall it was exactly what you expect from Target. 

They also had quite a few plus size (I say plus size but most of them were around size 14 which isn't plus size to me) models which was a refreshing change from the stick thin girls who normally adorn the runway.

Today was my last day at MSFW because I have to get back to the boring real world and do some work, however there is still one free runway show tomorrow which is French Connection, Decjuba and Seed. I think it's a bit of a grand finale show. MSFW is one of my favourite Melbourne events and this year certainly did not disappoint. Hopefully now that it's over though I can get a bit more variety back in my blog haha.

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  1. Glad I did not miss anything good. Last year Target wasn't good either, so I didn't bother in going today. Doesn't seem that crowded either, right? Let's see what happens tomorrow.

    1. It was the second show of the day and I turned up just as the first one was finishing and it was really packed. But yeah, wasn't exactly a must see show.

  2. Wow awesome post, it's cool how close you got to the runway! I just did a post about the Designer Series Runway I went to on Wednesday night! Did you see any of the animal protesters? It was actually pretty scary being attacked and surrounded by them :S

    On a side note, because I've enjoyed reading your blog so much, I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my blog post for more details, well done lovely! Just a little way for me to show the bloggers I like how much I like them :)


    1. Thank you for the love! It's much appreciated. There haven't been animal rights protesters at the city square shows but i went to a designer series show last year and they were on the runway for like 15mins. i wanted to wear fur just to spite them. i would've tackled them off the stage if i was one of the security guards.