South Melbourne Market

September 13, 2012

I was walking through South Melbourne the other day for a completely unrelated reason and happened to come across the South Melbourne Markets. It's been a while since I've been there and since it was literally across the road, I decided to go revisit it.
The South Melbourne Market differs from the Queen Victoria Market in that it has much better quality products and a much more eclectic range of people. The Queen Victoria Markets is always filled with tourists, where the South Melbourne Market has a more local feel.

I thought this was super cute! It's the main office for the SMM with a cute 1950s white picket fence facade.

I got really excited when I saw these. The way to my heart is through macarons.

And just when you think Harry Potter is English, think again! Spoiler, he's actually Australia (and a woman by the looks of things).

SO:ME Space is a new retail concept space aimed at giving local designers a platform for their products, whether it be clothing, shoes, accessories, or pretty much anything fashion and design related.

There's also a lot of yummy home made food and a food court at the market, as well as a fresh produce section with pretty much everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. I recommend going on an empty stomach. 

South Melbourne Market is located conveniently next to the South Melbourne tram stop which is on route 96 from Southern Cross Station towards St Kilda. I always forget how much I like the SMM until I visit it again. Think I'm going to have to go more often, if for anything, the food!

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