Welcome To Wonderland

September 23, 2012

So I'm finally 21, which in Australia doesn't really mean much, but it's an excuse to eat cake and see friends. I've had my heart set on an Alice In Wonderland themed party for a while now, not because I'm super obsessed with it, but because of the whimsy of wonderland. 
I got my decadent cupcakes and cake from a talented girl I went to high school with who now runs her own cake business called Sweet Things By Emma Jane. And we had lots of sugary lollies.

I of course went as the Queen Of Hearts because a brunette Alice would be a bit strange. My hair was inspired by Miss Del Rey with a flower crown which I glued together myself and a wrap braid that I attempted to copy for the current cover of Australian Vogue.

This is my old grandma cousin (she's 6 months older than me) who I grew up with and we're more like sisters than cousins. Fortunately for me she couldn't stay until cake/speeches because I'm fairly sure she's the only one who has embarrassing stories of me.

Wearing: Valleygirl black cocktail dress with my own detailing, diy red rose flower crown, black heart tights, Windsor Smith Pia Black/Gold heels, family heirloom jewellery.

I really like to thank all my amazing friends for dressing up and my family who were also in fancy dress. I had a great night and we have heaps of cupcakes left over so I'll probably be eating them for the next couple of days. Guess my next big celebration is my 30th. Scary.

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