Yummy Yoyogi

October 17, 2012

Recently we went to dinner at Yoyogi on Swanston Street for my friend's 21st. I feel like I don't go out to dinner enough in the city because I always think I'm going to spend a lot of money. However, this place was very reasonably priced. If you didn't guess by the name, Yoyogi is a Japanese restaurant, and ever since our trip to Japan in 2007, my friend and I have had a soft spot for Japanese food. Well I assume most people do because it's so tasty. 

This was my meal, fried chicken on a garden salad. I was trying to be healthy and eating light because I had to go play netball later than night. 

We were also surprised by a complimentary bowl of miso (i think) soup. However, most of us were already very full, so we passed it off to our bottomless pit of a friend who ate it all.

You might be thinking 'but Marlee, you only had some chicken and a garden salad, how can you be full?" Well, I may or may not have ordered 3 drinks. I couldn't decided between iced chocolate, grape fanta and green tea so I just decided to order all three. Plus a glass of water. Only problem was I thought the grape fanta would be normal grape fanta, but it wasn't. It was this weird fermented milk grape fanta which tasted pretty much the same, just a bit thicker and milkier. I still drank most of it.

After Yayogi we spilled out onto the street and found a balloon artist sitting right out the front of the restaurant. So of course we had to buy one for my friend as a present. 

We then made our way to Little Lonsdale Street to a tiny little bar called Little Peninsula. We hung around there for a while but soon I had to go to netball. 

I definitely need to do things like this more often. Uni and exams will be finished soon so hopefully I can reclaim my life a bit after that. 

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  1. Reasonably priced + Japanese food = bookmarked for future hungry reference. I can't wait to arrive in Melbourne, just over three weeks to go now :)