Brown Brothers Hidden Vineyard

November 26, 2012

After wandering down a side street in Prahran, we entered into a wonderland of vineyards, gigantic fruit and picnic baskets. What looked like a regular old building from the front, was actually a whimsical cheese-filled valley of destiny. We were greeted at the door by the lovely hostess and escorted inside to our picnic area where we were treated to complimentary wine and cheese. 
The Brown Brothers Winery is located in north eastern Victoria and are in the midst of launching their new Prosecco wine. Although I am definitely not a sommelier, I did thoroughly enjoy the wine and it is something I would purchase again. 
The room was covered in vines with grapes hanging from the ceiling and different fruit trees scattered around our picnic grounds. However if you ventured a little further, you came across the bar which was an eclectic and chic country-style living area. At the bar I decided to try a different wine so I bought a glass of Sparkling Moscato Rosa which was absolutely delicious. I love Moscato. 
We stolled back to our little picnicy heaven and enjoyed our drinks and the company whilst wishing we had more cheese (the cheese was so good we ate it in about 10 minutes). Unfortunately the Hidden Vineyard was only open this weekend but it was a great way of getting people to try their products and it's definitely something I would buy if I needed to bring a bottle of wine to a party. If you want to find out more about their wines, visit the Brown Brothers website.

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