Costume Madness

December 11, 2012

You know the saying, one woman's trash is another woman's knight in shining armour. No? Well in this case it was. My friend told me about a costume warehouse sale and it's just something you can't say no to. Located just out of the city in a shady factory area of Melbourne was a huge room filled with what I assume are antique or very worn costumes. Prices started at just $2 but got to in excess of $650. A bit out of my budget.
I found this skirt and instantly got Hollywood by Marina And The Diamonds stuck in my head. It was only $5 too so I had to buy it. Still not sure if I'm going to keep it for future Marina dress ups, or sell it on ebay. 
There was also a massive basket of pieces of armour which my friend had fun covering herself in.
There was a lot of medieval and fantasy costumes, and an abundance of costumes that would aid you in dressing up like Ice King from Adventure Time. Don't you just love it when random things like this pop up.

Also side thought: I've changed my pictures back to being square cornered.
Double side thought: I'm thinking of making more Youtube videos. Is this something that would interest you? Comment below :)

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  1. I once went to a costume sale at the royal shakespeare theatre, it was so busy though that by the time I got in all the good stuff was gone.