Merry Christmas

December 24, 2012

I thought I'd spread some Christmas cheer with you by blogging about my recent trip to The Boulevard in Ivanhoe. The Boulevard is about half a kilometre long and most of the houses are covered in Christmas lights! There's also plenty of Christmas music and lollies if you look hard enough. Now if you're expecting a nice, quiet, romantic stroll down this street, think again. The Boulevard draws crowds of several hundred every night, so expect a lot of children, prams and tourists. 
Now if there's one thing I'm a complete sucker for, it's fairy lights. One day I was to cover my house in Christmas lights just like this. Although I may have to wait until electricity isn't so expensive. 
Wearing: Cotton On shirt and necklace, spiked headband from eBay, Windsor Smith shoes and boring leggings. I know, I shouldn't be wearing them as pants but I have nothing else to wear with that shirt. 
If you can get over the fact that there are lots of people there, it's actually quite a good night, although I was expecting it to be a bit more impressive than it was. I was expecting houses that used thousands of lights like you see on the internet. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas/whatever else you celebrate. I know I'm probably going to eat too much and enjoy spending time with the fam.

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