Summadayze 2013 Set Up

December 29, 2012

So I've been back at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for the past couple of days helping set up the 2013 Summadayze music festival. I was pretty much doing the same thing I did when I worked at Parklife which I setting up skrimming (material that goes over the fences) and putting up signs. It's hard work and you get completely covered in dirt and a bit sunburnt, but it's so worth it.

Day One.
As you can see the weather was absolutely beautiful and it was great to be outside for a couple of days enjoying summer whilst meeting some great new people. I've never really met anyone at a music festival I didn't like so I am more than happy to go back event after event and help out. 
Day Two.

Being at a festival site before the festival is really quite exciting because you get to see all the hard work that goes into the event, most of which people don't even notice. I got to read some of the artists riders which was pretty funny too. If you don't know what a rider is, it's basically a list of demands that the artist and their crew want in the dressing rooms. Anything from food and alcohol to juicing machines and even oxygen tanks (yes this was on someone's rider). 
It does help that you also get free entry by doing it. Who pays for things anymore? Haha. I'll be going to Summadayze which is held on the 1st of January so expect a blog or two from that. The 2013 lineup includes Mark Ronson, Kimbra, M.I.A and The Chemical Brothers, so I'm pretty excited for that. Anyway I'm off to wash off the layer of dirt currently on my skin. 

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