The Big Design Market

December 9, 2012

Today saw us back at the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens for another arty/crafty design market. Most of the stalls at The Big Design Market were different to the Finders Keepers market, although I did see some familiar stores, and everything was more homey compared to the last one. There was still definitely an abundance of jewellery but not as much clothing. 
Poppies For Grace | Store
There was also plenty of beautiful artwork but there were so many people there that you could barely get to the front of the stalls to have a closer look. 
Sweet William | Store
Stannard-Inc was hands down my favourite designer of the day with edgy avant-garde clothing and hand crafted statement piece jewellery. 
Stannard-Inc | Store
Stannard-Inc | Store
Dirtfish | Store
This was also one of my favourite stalls even though they were selling underpants. The graphics and materials they used were amazing, and yes, they are male underpants in the photo but they did have female underpants too. Unfortunately for me, this stall was unbelievably popular and we couldn't get to the front to find out the name of the store. 
Another fun day looking a pretty things I can't afford (right now). Definitely a good idea to go to if you want to get something different for people for Christmas. Today was the last day but the Royal Exhibition Building seems to be the new 'it' place for markets so I'm sure there'll be another one soon.

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  1. wish we could have a design market held here too. those stuff are all so inspiring <3