Best Coast @ The Hi-Fi Bar

January 7, 2013

I thought I'd get some black and white action going for this post. Mainly because the venue we went to is awful for taking photos in. The Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne is one of my favourite places for live music because you can get up close and personal, but it's terrible to take photos in. I have a confession to make though, I'd never actually heard much of Best Coast's music prior to seeing them. I went because my friend and I made a deal. I'd go to Best Coast with him, and he'd come see Ben Howard with me.
I can't complain though because Best Coast were quite good. Their music is very upbeat, rock/pop. The sort of music you'd want to listen to whilst on a road trip or going to the beach. Which is fitting because they're from California. I did think some of their lyrics were a bit juvenile, but once you got over that you could just appreciate the music for what it was.
Half way through the gig the lead singer announced that she was going to carry on a tradition that she started last time they toured Australia, and that is to chug a cup of beer on stage. And then proceeded to do so. The guitarist, who was awesome, also did it.
There were also two backing bands. One I really liked, and the other I couldn't stand. The one I didn't like was Bleeding Knees Club and they spewed generic teenage angst, but the band I really liked was Bored Nothing. I have since been listening to their album online and am hoping to go see them again in Melbourne some time. 
I'm glad I went, but mainly because it means I now have someone to come with me to Ben Howard. If you saw my Top 10 Songs of 2012 blog post, you'd seen one of his songs on my list. Go check it out, you'll fall in love with his voice.

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