Cuteness Overload!

January 21, 2013

There's only one place you can go to get up close and personal with Australia's native animals and that's Healesville Sanctuary. It was always one of my favourite places to go as a kid and so I decided it would be a great place to take my UK blogger friend Fran. Fran's blog is Then Lets Begin, you can follow all her Aussie adventures there! If you love cute animals and discovering the wonders of Australia, read on. One of our first encounters was one of Australia's iconic animals, the Koala. Of course they were all snuggled on their trees but they are still ridiculously cute. 
There were also Quokkas running around on ground too. Quokkas are quite a special animal because they are only found on one small island off the coast of Perth called Rottnest Island. This one had a little baby in it's pouch! 
We then went into a large aviary with loads of pretty birds flying around. You could feed them and they'd land on you so I made sure Fran found some little feathery friends. There's also a breathtaking 'Spirits of the Sky' show where they bring out many different Australian birds and they fly around the audience.
We also made a new friend, Zooperman (hehe pun), who greeted us by saying "ladies" and raising his eyebrows. I was a little creeped out - especially since he was walking around talking to children. 
We wandered around for a couple more hours oo-ing and aa-ing at the cute animals. I wanted to take photos of the adorable nocturnal animals, but they're just that - nocturnal. If you're in Melbourne, you need to check out Healesville. It's a bit of a trek but well worth it!

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  1. Ah those animals are too adorable! I'd love to visit Australia one day:)