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January 29, 2013

I love finding new places to eat that are delicious and affordable. Follow The Leader in Ripponlea was definitely that! So many times I got to cafes and I don't like a lot of what is on the menu because I'm such a fussy eater, but today I literally couldn't decide what to have. I went with Fran from Then Lets Begin to have a chat about a project we're working on (more details in the coming months). 
As I said, the menu was great and it was so hard to choose. I ended up getting banana bread with mascarpone and charred banana slices because banana bread is one of my weaknesses. I also got a delicious smoothy. I can't remember exactly what was in it, but it think it was raspberries, lemon sorbet, apple juice, lime and mint. It was perfect because it was a bit bitter and that's how I like my smoothies. 
Fran decided to order two items off the $5 menu - which was a great idea. She got chicken pate with crispy crouts and warm bread, and a roasted beetroot salad with feta, walnuts and rocket. I was also very close to ordering a burger because I kept seeing them get brought out for the other customers. 
The cafe itself is really cute with a great outdoor courtyard, where we sat, and an indoor area with power plugs under all the tables so you can bring your laptop and do some work. Also outside, they had a wall of herbs which was legitimately used in the food and as garnishes. We saw one of the chefs come out several times to pick some. The only downfall I noticed was it took a while for the food to be prepared and brought out to us. We didn't mind that much because it was delicious and we were happy chatting.
Follow The Leader is conveniently located within about a 2 minute walk from Ripponlea Station so it's really easy to get to. I definitely recommend you go check it out, and see if you find it as difficult to choose a meal as I did! This may be my new favourite cafe!

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  1. Such an amazing place!

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  2. Super happy I found your blog! Love finding other Melbourne bloggers. I spent almost the entire morning going through your posts, there are so many cafes / bars / things I want to try that I've never even heard of before so thanks for sharing :)

  3. YUM! When the food is delicious and the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing, it's always the best experience. I want to go with you! :)