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January 4, 2013

I dedicate this blog post to the bogan who looked at me and said "there are so many bloody hipsters here." I have made this post as hipster as possible just for you. Also I'm not a hipster just because I like to wear flowers in my hair. Anyway, here is my final post on Summadayze after my Kimbra and Mark Ronson posts. This is everything else. 
A DJ I was quite looking forward to seeing again was Adrian Lux, however he wasn't as good this time as when I saw him last. If Summadayze has taught me anything, it's that DJs definitely change their music according to their audience. 
As you may be able to tell, the weather was absolutely perfect. Although I did still put a thick layer of sunscreen on as I'm prone to burning very quickly. 


There were also several other activities other than the music that could keep you entertained. One being a foam pit. Given, this looks amazing, but maybe only if you knew everyone in it. It was windy by the end of the day too and it was carrying the foam high into the sky so people outside the venue must have been very confused. 
The whole day there was only really one artist that I really wanted to see who I hadn't seen before, and that was MIA. I only really knew a couple of her songs but I like them so I was looking forward to seeing her live. She, and her backup dancers, were very entertaining. She reminded me a lot of Santigold who I'd seen at Harvest Festival and Parklife. My friend informed me that MIA inspired Santigold, which makes a lot of sense. Her backup dancers were amazing though. My favourite was the guy who looked German or something. He didn't look like someone who could dance that well.
We watched a bit of The Chemical Brothers set and I got very bored very quickly, so we headed over to a different stage to watch Swedish duo Icona Pop. Glad we did because they were great and I'm now satisfied that I've discovered some new music to listen to for the rest of summer. If you haven't already, check out my other Summadayze posts on Kimbra and Mark Ronson! So much music to start the new year!
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  1. I am so jealous of this! Holy...amazing. I hope I get to go to something like this someday! Too awesome. And also, I hate it when people put labels on people. Especially hipster...being unique and being a hipster are two completely different things!

    1. You seriously should go to a music festival! It's great fun! I don't mind being called a hipster, there's worse things to be called. I find it amusing.