After Party @ Veludo

February 18, 2013

Last week I attended the St Kilda Festival Staff after party at Veludo Upstairs in St Kilda. Veludo is one of my favourite venues with it's whimical garden party decor and the array of acoustic live music that wafts through the air. There was plenty of free food and drink to go around, which is always a bonus, and I got to hang out and catch up with all the amazing people I'd met throughout the week. 
Veludo is divided into several different spaces. Downstairs there's a restaurant, which looks delicious but I've never been there, and upstairs there's the bar area, balcony and private function space at the back. We were in the private function space laughing at photos and telling funny stories from the Festival. 
I would love to be involved with the St Kilda Festival again. Everyone I met was lovely and it seemed like a very cohesive work environment. I've made so many new friends from it who all have a love of events in common and hopefully I'll see them again in the future. 

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