Luke Legs And The Midnight Specials

February 8, 2013

So as you may or may not know, I've been working at the St Kilda Festival all this week but have found it quite difficult to get out of my cosy little info booth home and enjoy some music. Last night I made sure I ventured out into the world so I could see a gig at the Readings bookshop in Acland Street, St Kilda. I didn't actually know the band who were playing, but that's the beauty of the Live n Local week. The one thing I love more than discovering new places to eat, is discovering local bands.
Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials are an energetic, multi-instrumentalist quartet (I could be using that term wrong) from Geelong. With an indie/roots sound and a hint of country, Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials really owned the room. I was particularly impressed with lead singer Luke's charismatic banter and his ability to engage everyone in the audience. 
At one point in the set, Luke had the everyone singing along to a song they had probably never heard before, but now absolutely love. I was in the audience with the person responsible for programming the entire Live n Local week and told her that she definitely needs to get these guys back for next year, possibly on Festival Sunday.
There was so much positive feedback from the audience, and I went and said hi to Luke after the gig and let him know how much I enjoyed it. Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials have several shows coming up so you should definitely go see them. Check out their website for upcoming shows. One gig that I've already got written in my diary is Saturday the 23rd of February at QV in Melbourne. I didn't get to see their whole set at Readings so I'm looking forward to that at QV. 

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  1. Cool post! Btw, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out

  2. How cool! Love it when you find a brand new band to love that are locals. Especially as the chances of seeing them play live again are quite high. Too bad I'm out of the country for their next gig :( really have to make it down to st kilda festival this weekend, need to check it out!