St Kilda Festival 2013

February 13, 2013

Heading down to St Kilda I wasn't in the best mood. I had no idea who was going to the festival and I knew there would be a million people there and I was right. However my mood quickly changed when I headed over to the New Music Stage and watched Perth band Stillwater Giants. I also met up with a friend I'd made whilst working during the week and we chatted and enjoyed the music. 
If you're unfamiliar with the St Kilda Festival, in particular Festival Sunday, it's basically the Southern Hemisphere's biggest free street festival. So you can imagine that there is a ridiculous amount of people.  There are like 7 or 8 outdoor stages packed with Australian bands, musicians, dancers and performers, with the main stage being the main attraction. This year the main stage was headlined by The Cat Empire, (Midnight) Juggernaut DJs and Bluejuice. 
After the New Music Stage, I headed over to the O'Donnell Gardens stage to see and Aussie band that had a lot of hype around them called Loon Lake. A few days before I'd downloaded some of their songs and realised that I did know one of their songs called In The Summer. They were great and really did live up to the hype. I'm considering buying tickets to their headline show in Melbourne. 
Unfortunately I didn't get to see them perform In The Summer because their set clashed with Bluejuice which is one of my favourite Australian bands so I headed over there to catch the second half of their set. This was at the main stage and as you can imagine, there were trillions of people and we could get anywhere near the front so we just chilled on the grass and sit-danced. 
We hung around and watched the start of the Cat Empire set but decided it was ice cream time so went off exploring. We ended up back at the O'Donnell Gardens stage and met up with some more people I worked with throughout the week and had a great time relaxing and chatting. The St Kilda Festival is a must do if you're travelling to Melbourne in early February in the future because you get to experience the some of the best music Australia has to offer. And it's free! I still have one more blog post about the St Kilda Festival coming up, but it will be a bit different. 

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  1. I managed to check out the St Kilda Festival last Sunday! Did not know it was so huuuuge! I was blown away by the amount of people there, so so busy huh. I checked out the East St Party House (or something...) were pretty fun and dancey. Got some amazing food too! Glad I made it, definitely want to check out more bands next time around.

    1. Yeah I love going to the St Kilda Festival. There are so many people but it's very hard to say no to free live music.