Urban Coffee Farm

February 28, 2013

Today I was asked last minute to help set up one of the main attractions of this year's Melbourne Food And Wine Festival. The Urban Coffee Farm is a pop-up outdoor cafe and bar located on Southbank where that crazy bridge with the weird sculptures left over from the Commonwealth Games a couple of years back is. I wasn't really doing anything that interesting, manual labor and such, but it was a nice day and I got to chat and meet new people which is always fun. 
The whole area is gorgeous with an abundance of coffee trees and tropical plants lining the big red steps on Southbank. Lots of tables and chair to enjoy your coffee during your lunch break, and a breathtaking view of the city. 
Towards late afternoon, everyone was getting a bit frantic because they had to set up for the MFWF media launch party. Of course this isn't the only event happening in Melbourne for the Food and Wine Festival but who doesn't love a pop-up garden cafe?! I probably wont be working at anymore MFWF events but I'm hoping to go back to the Urban Coffee Farm next week some time so I can actually get a coffee and some lunch. 

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