Fame Agenda

March 8, 2013

Fame Agenda is a boutique Melbourne based label with a unique collection of beautiful prints encapsulating femininity. Every piece is something you could wear whilst running through a field, spinning and twirling as you go. A fantasy that my best friend and I have shared for a while is finding a field of long grass or pretty flowers, wearing flowy dresses and running around taking pretty photos. Fame Agenda could definitely complete my self-indugent fantasy. 
The store was lined with cakes and sweets with a goldfish centrepiece. The goldfish weren't there just because they could be, but because of one the fabulous prints had goldfish all over it. I was also very impressed with the clothing because most of the pieces had pockets, and me being ever so lazy, I love pockets because it means a smaller bag. It was very difficult to choose which print I liked the most, but as soon as I saw the squirrel on this skirt, I knew I'd found my calling. It's quite easy to win me over, all you need it free things *tick* and/or squirrels *tick*. 
The event was sponsored by Cupcake Central (need I say more?) and possibly the most delicious moscato I've ever tasted by Azahara from Deakin Estate. I originally took this photo so I could remember the name and buy it next time I need to take a bottle of wine somewhere, but it was so delicious that I thought I'd better share it with you too. 
This was my favourite dress. It was so simple but what you can't see here is that it had an extra fold of material at the back that gave you a cape. It was so flattering, and let's face it, who doesn't love capes? The whole collection reminded us a lot of Narnia, especially the sleeves of some of the dresses, and the prints were so sweet. 
I also had the pleasure of meeting Jess Dempsey, who was presenting this event with Fame Agenda and is the wonderful writer of the blog What Would Karl Do. She is easily one of my favourite fashion bloggers. I also met Camille from Fashion Camille Leon who is one of the first Melbourne fashion bloggers I ever started following, so it was great to meet her in person. The Fame Agenda store can be found at Melbourne Central and other stock lists are on their website. I can't wait to start my new job so I can go back and buy one of the dresses! Thank you Fame Agenda and Jess for putting on such a beautiful and yummy event! 

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