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March 30, 2013

Part of the perks of volunteering for fashion week is that you get to go backstage at runway shows and you get to see runway shows for free. I was working front of house for a runway show at the Malvern Town Hall in Melbourne for LMFF and got to see some of the local designers showcase their collections on the runway. 
The runway was set up in a circular/oval manner with a giant flower wall at the top for press shots. I think they may have borrowed this idea from a Dior 2012 show. If you haven't seen that show, click here. It's probably the most beautiful and innovative runway show I've ever seen.
Another quirk of this show was the four male models, who did one lap on the runway, and then got to sit down in the audience for the rest of the show and make friends with the people around them.  It was a great idea because it got everybody talking, although the female models were probably a bit envious because they still had to strut their stuff on the runway several times while the boys sat there.
After the shows we made sure to get some photos taken in front of the flower wall, although I don't quite look like the models. I was surprised to see the all the flowers were real, and it was assembled by a local florist.
Everyone had a really memorable day so we topped it off by getting a group photo in our sexy LMFF volunteer shirts. We also got to take home one of the goodie bags and a couple of macarons that were left over (my favourite!). 

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  1. so cool!
    I love the plant feature wall! I want one! haha

    1. I know me too! But I'm too lazy to keep it alive.

  2. Interesting post! * )
    Hello from Ukraine!

  3. Well done on a great report, Marlee. Your enthusiasm shines.