Future Music Festival 2013

March 11, 2013

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog a bit this month, but it's been sooo hot and I haven't left the house unless absolutely necessary. On this day, it was. I braved the heat yesterday to go to Future Music Festival because the lineup was so damn good! The mercury was set to reach 33C and I was determined not to get sunburnt or dehydrated - which failed. The sunburn part anyway. 
We started this fine day off with a sing-a-long to Gypsy and the Cat, one of my favourite Aussie bands, who I saw for the first time at Future 2 years ago. Then came time for pretty much the whole reason I couldn't say no to going, and that was to see Ellie Goulding. I knew she had a very soft voice so I was very impressed with her performance although I definitely think she would be better in an intimate acoustic set but I was so excited to see her live! 
After another sing-a-long to Fun. it was time for something that a lot of people were skeptical about, and that was Psy's performance. The day before I read a review of his previous festival appearances in Australia so I pretty much knew what was coming. The whole time I couldn't wipe the smile off my face because he was so damn adorable. He played two songs that we didn't know, and then he playing Gangnam Style - twice. Honestly I don't think his set could've been much longer because I don't think he could've kept everyone's attention for longer, and he knew it. 
In an amazing stroke of luck, clouds appeared and the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees. After singing along to The Temper Trap, I met up with another Melbourne blogger Steph from Fanissm. It's always cool to meet fellow bloggers! 
The night drew to a close with a fantastic performance from old school rockers The Stone Roses and modern day rockers Bloc Party. Bloc Party had an awesome laser show that shone right back to the trees on the other side of the festival venue. I had a great day, despite getting a little sunburnt, and got to show Fran some great Aussie bands. 

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