LMFF13 Behind The Scenes

March 27, 2013

Ever wandered how much work goes into a fashion show before the runway event? Volunteering at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival has certainly opened my eyes up to the behind the scenes of fashion and taught me a lot. It may look glamorous from the runway, but there are a million busy people backstage and in the offices making it all happen. 
I did do a lot of shoe taping (so they don't look worn after the runway), photocopying and steaming clothes, but working in a jungle of clothes definitely isn't the worst job in the world. The Collections room is literally the top floor of a building completely covered in racks of clothing waiting to be taken to the runway. When working at Collections I worked out exactly which shows I wanted to go to based on which collections I liked the most. I decided on the Frankie runway show so I could see Limedrop and Secret South in action. 
If you even have the slightest interest in working in fashion, volunteering at fashion events is probably the best way to find out if you'd like it or not. And if you put in the hard work, who knows what will come out of it. At least you'll get a whole heap of free stuff! Also my apologies with the photos. I was using my phone and they didn't turn out great.

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