Ben Howard @ The Corner Hotel

April 8, 2013

Ben Howard's music isn't exactly the sort of music you can just listen to. It's the sort of music that evokes the imagination and takes you to the far corners of the globe. Okay, so maybe that sounds a little lame, but for me it's true. I can't listen to his music without imagining myself laying on a deserted beach in England, with overcast weather and stormy seas. Or running through a pine forest and feeling completely free. This music is not the sort of generic pop you hear on the radio. It's pure emotion in a lyrical and melodious form.
Seeing Ben live was surreal and absolutely mesmerising and definitely something that will stick with me forever. He was forced to postpone the previous night's gig because he'd lost his voice, so I was praying that all is well for the gig I had tickets to, and my gosh it was. He chatted away to the audience the entire night and told us that he's not usually this chatty. He put it down to making up for lost talking time as he couldn't speak the day before. I think it was more likely the amount of cough medicine he'd consumed mixed with the amount of alcohol he'd drank. It only make me like him more though.
All night you couldn't help but notice the little furry lurkers in the background too. 
I can't say I was creative at all with what I wore, pretty much the same thing I wear to everything because I love that dress so much. I also took a snap of the set-list that one lucky girl got to take home with her. A tad jealous that it wasn't mine.  Ben Howard's perfect performance was only marred by some audience members who had no regard for audience etiquette, and that he swapped out the song Esmerelda with Depth Over Distance. This was a bit bitter-sweet for me because they are my two favourite songs, and I was a bit disappointing that I had to choose one or the other. Such is life I guess.

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  1. Great post, this was such an amazing gig! Love the shot of the kangaroo - I gave that little guy to him before the show :)