Winter Nights

June 19, 2013

The other night I went out to dinner with my best friend from primary school who's down from Brisbane, where she now lives. I've managed to see her two times in one year which doesn't normally happen, but I think the awesomeness of Melbourne is drawing her back. We decided we wanted to go out for Asian food, which there is definitely no shortage of in Melbourne, but somehow managed to find one that wasn't very good. My friend said her meal was good, but they brought out my meal 15mins after hers and the chicken in the curry was cold. It tasted okay, but we definitely could've done better.
After chatting about my food experiences in Japan, we decided to head down the street to an Asian grocery store to stock up on Japanese lollies. I got plenty of packets of Hi-Chews and some squishy, doughy dessert things that I don't know the name of because I wanted to make my friend try them.
We kept wandering down the street and I wanted to see if Daiso was open, and to our delight, it was! My friend was absolutely mesmerised by how much cheap stuff is in this store. We also found these adorable hedgehog cloths that we just had to pose with.
After buying a lot of useless stuff, we decided it was time to call it a night. It was so great to hang out with her and I hope she comes back down to Melbourne soon.

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  1. The food looks delicious, too bad it didn't taste very good! Loving the cute hedgehog bath mitt! Very cute!