June 10, 2013

One of the best things about having a friend from the UK is being able to do all the touristy things in Melbourne again and feel like I have a legitimate reason to be there. Today was The Queen's Birthday public holiday in Australia and the perfect time to take Fran (Then Let's Begin) to the Melbourne Zoo. So here's some snaps of my favourite animals of the day, and a little outfit post.
Mossman Dress ($21 in the sales!) | Cotton On Anorak | Rubi Platform Sandals | Gorman x Rhys Lee Tote | Kinki Gerlinki Sunglasses

The best part about the Melbourne Zoo has got to be the butterfly house! You walk into an indoor rainforest filled with hundreds of different butterflies of all the colours of the rainbow! If you're lucky enough, and stay still for long enough one just might land on you. Unfortunately we weren't so lucky even though we found a place to sit and stayed fairly still for about 15mins. We did have fun watching all the kids react to the butterflies landing on them though.
We also greatly enjoyed the Lemurs because it was feeding time and they were bouncing all around their enclosure. When they sat still, they wrapped their long stripey tails around their bodies, to which Fran said, in a posh English accent "for balance, AND for fashun."
We ended the day with another must-do at the Melbourne Zoo and that's the Fur Seal show. Now I know what you're thinking, these seals should be in the wild, but each seal has a very different story which lead up to them no longer being able to take care of themselves in the wild. This is why they have made their new home the Zoo.

If you want to read more about Fran's travel adventures, check out her blog Then Let's Begin.

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  1. Hi. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) Oh your photos are gorgeous! Especially the butterfly. Sounds (and looks) like you had such a good time. xxx

  2. Great photos. You never need a 'legitimate reason' to be a tourist in your own town. If in doubt, "because it's fun" is a legitimate reason. :)