Open House Melbourne | Day 2

July 28, 2013

So today I was volunteering for Open House Melbourne at The Melbourne Athenaeum. The Athenaeum was first built in 1842 and now consists of a library, theatre and comedy club. Today only the library was open, but I managed to have a quick sneaky look in the theatre too. Here are a couple of my photos...

Open House Melbourne | Day 1

July 27, 2013

Today we were down in sunny St Kilda checking out some of the local establishments that are part of the Melbourne Open House event. Open House is a worldwide event where buildings that are not normally open to the public welcome everyone to come have a peak behind closed doors. I'd been called into work last minute, so we decided to explore a couple of local places before I had to go earn some monies.

Flinders Lane Shopping Night 2013

July 26, 2013

Flinders Lane and the surrounding area has got to be my favourite place to go shopping in Melbourne. It's packed with local designers and quirky pieces just waiting to be found. I blogged about the Flinders Lane Shopping Night last year so I don't think there's much more I can say about it (also I'm being a bit lazy), but we started in Lenko which is one of my favourite shops. They had 50% off sale items which was amazing, although I wish they had a discount on the jewellery. My friend also found a new boyfriend here. He looks somewhat familiar...

Nite Art 2013

July 24, 2013

Tonight Fran and I ventured into Melbourne for Nite Art, which is essentially White Night but on a much smaller, and more manageable scale. All throughout the CBD there were galleries and exhibitions open to the public to peruse. We started at the Nicholas Building on Swanston Street with a beautiful photography exhibition and some free Rekorderlig. We then got our bearings and started to explore the city some more.

Movie Time At String Of Events

July 23, 2013

Who doesn't love going to the movies? I know I sure love it. It's an excuse to have a night out that doesn't require talking to anyone or getting particularly dressed up. If you, like me, love going to the movies, then you're going to love this new online service called Movie Times.

Movie Times is a new website that is your one-stop-shop for all movie session times throughout Australia. You can easily select the cinemas that you frequently visit to compare screening times, including Village, Hoyts and Greater Union, or select the time you want to see a movie, and find out what's on.

Memories Of London

July 19, 2013

2013 is the first year of my life (since 1996) that I'm not studying. Instead I set a goal to get a job (✓) and save money so I can go back overseas. In particular, back to London. With Fran (Then Lets Begin) moving back to England at the end of the year, and one of my other best friends looking to move to London around the same time, it's making me really miss being there. So today I thought I'd share with you one of the best decisions I made whilst I was in London in 2011, and that was to go on a £15 Harry Potter walking tour.

Should We Trust SheInside?

July 17, 2013

As far as I can tell, SheInside is one company that you want to stay far away from. This is definitely not something I would normally blog about, but I thought I should share my experience with you.

I recently ordered a dress from this website advertised as chiffon, when I received the dress, it was made out of cheap synthetic material claiming to be 100% cotton. The only part of it that was chiffon was the cape attached to it. So according to the SheInside website...

Kitty Obsessed

July 16, 2013

My name is Marlee and I am a Cat Addict - or a Caddict as we like to be called. But not the real ones, they bite and scratch and poop in a box. I mean things with cats on them. So I've rounded up some of my favourite kitty purchases to share with you. All items are under $25, links below.

ISIT Cafe | Prahran

July 13, 2013

You know when you find a cafe that actively encourages breakfast drinking that you've hit the jackpot. Bloody Mary, Champagne cocktail or Espresso Martini with your eggs miss? Um - yes please! ISIT Cafe is in an adorable little eatery in Prahran in a little done-up townhouse. It feels a little bit like a gallery with artwork lining the walls and beautiful wooden floors and furniture. 

Comic Con Melbourne 2013

July 8, 2013

When I bought tickets to Melbourne Comic Con, I thought it would just be a fun day out nerding it up and admiring all the people cosplaying. Little did I know I'd actually get to see three of the actors from arguably my favourite TV show ever, Charmed. The first panel I saw was that of Shannen Doherty (Prue) who was lovely and spoke about her past characters and how they relate to her personally. She also spoke about an up and coming new TV show that she stars in that's hoping to be picked up by the networks soon.

Botanica | Arts Centre Melbourne

July 5, 2013

The weather may be getting colder but the Arts Centre Melbourne Winter season is just warming up. The Arts Centre Melbourne are graciously giving away a double pass to this season's show-stopper Botanica.

Southside Market

July 3, 2013

After the #VoicesOf2013 Melbourne Masterclass the other day, I popped into the Southside Market at the St Kilda RSL to have a look through the trinkets and treasures. I was instantly drawn to the Grandma Funk stall with their shiny jewels and vintage clothing. Grandma Funk rework vintage fabric and clothing into garments that are on-trend today and you'll often see them floating around the various Melbourne markets.