Open House Melbourne | Day 1

July 27, 2013

Today we were down in sunny St Kilda checking out some of the local establishments that are part of the Melbourne Open House event. Open House is a worldwide event where buildings that are not normally open to the public welcome everyone to come have a peak behind closed doors. I'd been called into work last minute, so we decided to explore a couple of local places before I had to go earn some monies.
We started off at the St Kilda Vaults which are located under The Esplanade and are not usually open to the public. I'd heard about these a couple of months ago from a friend and was really intrigued, so when I found out they were on the Open House bill, I knew I wanted to go take a look. It was really interesting to read about the history of St Kilda. Turns out the Vaults were used as shops (not prison cells as I was hoping).
We then moved onto the good ol' Hotel Espy. If you live in Melbourne, chances are you've been to the Espy once or twice in your lifetime. For me it's more like four or five, and although I've been quite a few times, it was awesome to see backstage and get to hear some of the history of this iconic Melbourne music venue.
Towards the end of the Espy tour, we were taken through the Espy Kitchen and instantly saw the food. We decided it would be a perfect place to have lunch before I had to head off to work. Whilst ordering, I noticed this and had a giggle. We both ordered the same thing, an Espy Special. It was a breakfast dish with eggs, bacon, sourdough bread, baked tomato and a German sausage thing. This was all only $10 which we thought was a bargain! I also got a couple of hash browns (what diet?).
Open House Melbourne continues tomorrow and I will be volunteering at The Melbourne Athenaeum from 12.30pm til 4.30pm so if you're planning to go to Open House, come visit me! Otherwise I'll hopefully do another post on what I do tomorrow.

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