Southside Market

July 3, 2013

After the #VoicesOf2013 Melbourne Masterclass the other day, I popped into the Southside Market at the St Kilda RSL to have a look through the trinkets and treasures. I was instantly drawn to the Grandma Funk stall with their shiny jewels and vintage clothing. Grandma Funk rework vintage fabric and clothing into garments that are on-trend today and you'll often see them floating around the various Melbourne markets.
I did buy something, but you'll have to scroll down to see it, because after making the purchase, my brain made the very disappointing (for me) decision to give it to my best friend as a graduation present. I know what you're thinking, why would I blog about it, well I'm hoping she keeps her word and NEVER reads this post!
And this is what I bought! An adorable little brass pug ring! My best friend is obsessed with pugs and I couldn't help but buy it. Also, because it's brass you won't get those icky green marks on your fingers from wearing costume jewellery. They had heaps of other designs - including unicorns!
Make sure you check out the Southside Market Facebook for dates and the Grandma Funk Facebook for their next location and to see their retro reworks!

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