Cold War Kids @ The Hi-Fi Bar

August 1, 2013

There is a serious bro-mance going on in this band. Every chance they go they'd be all over each other. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just made the gig that much more entertaining. Cold War Kids are out in Australia for Splendour In The Grass and ever so kindly did some sideshows, which is what I went along to. I apologise for the crappy photos, The Hi-Fi is possibly the hardest venue to take photos in.
As well as playing their new songs, like Miracle Mile, they also played all their old hits like Hospital Beds, Hang Me Out To Dry, Something Is Not Right With Me and We Used To Vacation. This was another band that I had looked up live performances of on Youtube and not been sure if they were good live or not. Luckily it was just another case of Youtube not doing justice to the band because they were fantastic!
One thing I really like doing at gigs is audience watching. You always have the standard front-rowers who are ecstatic because they are seeing their favourite band for the first time (this is me at any Kasabian gig), but I also noticed a couple of other interesting members of the audience. One was a clearly intoxicated girl second from the front who was doing everything in her power to seduce the bassist (who I think was on drugs), and the other was a man about double or triple the age of everyone else in the venue who was obviously loving life and trying hard to fit in with the kids. This will probably be me in like 30-40 years.
Prior to the gig, Fran and I went to Chuckle Park for a drink and a chat (because we hadn't seen each other in a whole 3 days!). I was very satisfied with my $7 pear cider and definitely want to go back their for lunch or dinner. 

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  1. I really like Cold War Kids and it looks like a fun show!

  2. Looks like a fun show!! hope you enjoyed :)