D.I.Y Polaroid Business Cards

August 5, 2013

So I was trawling the internet for new business card designs when I came across custom instant photos business cards on Moo. I then proceeded to look at the price, and well, let's just say they are a bit out of my price-range. So I decided I'd make my own and they are much cheaper.

You Will Need
Pre-made Instant Photo Cards (I got mine from Typo)
Computer + Printer

Step One
Jump on your computer and design what you want on the front and back of your business cards. I did mine in Photoshop but you could just as easily do it in Microsoft Word.

Step Two
Print it out on the Sticker Paper. You might need to print it out on normal paper first to test the sizing and make sure everything looks perfect.

Step Three
Cut it all out!
Step Four
Peel the stickers back and stick them on your cards. You're done!
This is a very simple DIY project but very effective. It means all your business cards are super cute and all look different. You could also use stamps or pre-made stickers instead of printable sticker paper if you have more time on your hands. They look almost as good as the Moo versions, but they're much cheaper!

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  1. I love Moo, but I always have an issue with the price too. I used to have a job so it wasn't much of a problem, but I quit last year and now i'm reluctant to spend money ha! I've just started this blog and will definitely use your DIY ways of making the business cards, they turned out super cute! :) x

  2. that's such a cute idea ! The pictures are amazing :)

  3. What a brilliant idea! They look great! I have fallen in love with typo since I've been here!! x

  4. Cutest idea! Unfortunately, I then fell in love with every box of typo polaroid cards. Definitely doing that when I get home! I currently do mine on playing cards :)

    1. Thanks Ellen! It took me about 20 mins to decided which packs of cards I wanted. Also, I did my 21st invitations on playing cards because I had an Alice In Wonderland themed party. They turned out great!