Les Nereides Paddington

August 27, 2013

I'm a planner. Right down to the last detail. Some days I plan my life to the minute. So when I was doing my thorough research of shopping in Sydney, I came across this store, which instantly went to the top of my 'must do' list. Les Nereides is a Parisian costume jewellery designer who's store has been open in Paddington, Sydney for almost a year now. But much like other international designers, they don't have a store in Melbourne. Just by looking at the online store, I knew I was going to buy something... but I may have completely blown my budget when I visited the store haha.
My aim was to be sensible and only buy one ring for less than $100. It took me a good 30 minutes just to choose a ring, um-ing and ah-ing the whole time over about five different choices. After chatting to the sales assistant for ages, I finally made my decision, however as I was about to pay, a bracelet caught my eye, thus, my budget was blown.
It's hard looking at my photos though, because they really don't do the jewellery justice. They are much prettier in real life! I ended up buying an adorable Kingfisher ring and this dark pink Five Diamantes Bracelet (similar). As I was paying, the rather glamorous owner of the store came down and had a long chat with me. She ended up gifting me this precious little pansy charm!
If you're heading to Sydney and want buy something that you can't get in Melbourne (or any other capital city for that matter), go have a look at Les Nereides in Paddington, I guarantee you'll fall in love with the jewels like I did.

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  1. Amazing jewellery, I hope I have time to track them down in Paris!!

  2. Wow they have some really great pieces! Love those ice-cream earrings (I think they are earrings..?) they look super cute :) by the way great nail polish!
    Madeleine || Madeleine In Wonderland